Military Sniper Ghillie Viper Hood


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Hiding your visual presence to the enemy is extremely important whether you’re an assaulter or sniper. This Military Sniper Ghillie Viper Hood Hood is a new high-speed garment built into sides of hood for ventilation and visual observation. 

Extremely durable that will help you conceal your hide you from your enemies or target. This Military Sniper Ghillie Viper Hood is designed to be worn in conjunction and work in unison with combat loadout equipment including tactical vests, armored plate carriers, assault vests and any size backpack. 

Complete your tactical gear with this military hood for your extreme outdoor mission!

  • Viper Hood: adjustable chest tension strap. Multiple tension cords throughout for adjustment fit
  • The sniper coat: Nylon cord is bar-tacked throughout entire outer shell to accommodate the use of foliage and fiber garnish
  • Ventilation built into sides of hood for ventilation and visual observation
  • Ghillie Thread – Lightweight Synthetic Ghillie Yarn to Build Your Own Ghillie Suit



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